NC-Nation began with the idea of two lovers. Just as any other couple or lovers do think in a parallel way, Neila and Chris had the idea to enhance the way online marketing works by adding a little touch up. A marketing world whereby everyone everywhere, equally could advertize their products from everywhere, at any point in time.
In 2015, they made research on how most of the online marketing platforms displayed users products based on certain requirements.
Visitors search on these sites for products though, but what was the probability that a particular user's product was going to pop up out of numerous results, since everyone is aware that on such platforms, similar items or products from different users do exist.
After a long time of research, in 2016 we brought up the idea of creating an online marketing platform that shows no partiality, having equality as our prioriry.
As Every great story has a small beginning, in 2018, Neila and Chris started NC-Nation. We started developing a user friendly interface, was done and Launched in the Year 2019.
NC-Nation cannot be without it's users like you. Daily visitors together with the administration make up NC-Nation. Our ADMINISTRATION is made of highly qualified personnels who are always available to attend to users.
Our system responds 24/7 whilst our ADMINISTRATION works from mondays to fridays.
Equality is our team's priority where we provide users with same priviledges from anywhere across the nation.
We have employed from the best web programmers nationwide, personels who are more than capable of making sure NC-Nation keeps to improve it's user-friendly interface and also to provide security and assistance to it's users.
A representative is always available to answer users who call our office lines or email us.
Everyone can access and use NC-Nation for marketing(Buy & Sell) including Advertisement. Users who want to sell their products are required to create a free user account and earn 300NC after registeration, after which you can upload images of your assets by providing values for basic form fields like a name (e.g Phone, Clothing, Cars, etc), type or version, specifications and a few form fields. A single click and you asset will uploaded. You can also upload job information as well.
After your asset picture uploads, visitors or users who visit NC-Nation will see your product if they search for products which relates to yours.
You also have the choice of mounting your product up stage whereby your product will be visible on our homepage across the nation and this will cost users a few NC Coins. We provide tutorials on how to get more NC Coins onour YouTube channel linked Below.
Searching for products or items on NC Nation can be done by both registered and non-registerd users or visitors. You can use special query strings for more accurate results. View the tutorials on how to use NC Nation on our YouTube channel linked Below.