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There Is No Difference Between Sex For Grades And Sex For Job; This Happens in America, Africa and all Parts of the World & This Won’t Stop – Efia Odo
2019-10-08 07:02:18
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Academic institutions in West Africa have increasingly been facing allegations of sexual harassment by lecturers. This type of abuse is said to be endemic, but it’s almost never proven. After gathering dozens of testimonies, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students and at the end of the day, two lecturers at the University of Ghana, Dr Paul Kwame Butakor and Prof Ransford Gyampo, have been implicated in the “sex for grades” . Efia Odo has reacted to all these. She tweeted;
” No difference between sex for grades and sex for a job.Happens in America, Africa and all parts of the world. The fucked up part about this “revelation” is that its not gonna stop!! She continued, “ As long as there are vulnerable young women, there will be sex in exchange for something! This narrative ain’t gone change. What’s really gonna happen is that these assholes of men will just be a little more careful. They will start checking for hiding cameras. God help us all!

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